[Herts] HertsLUG attendee featured in Daily Mail

Terrence Houlahan info at F1-IT.com
Wed Jul 12 17:06:50 BST 2006

Hi Ian/Nicholas-

Mister famous here ;->.  I was trying to make tonight's meeting, but I'm 
trying to get a bunch of things knocked-out before taking off on 
Saturday morning for Nijmegen for vacation (if you call walking 120 
miles in (4) days a "vacation"...).  One of the things I have to bang 
out is a quote for a email server (running squirrelmail, clamAV, 
SpamAssassin & Open-Xchange) and an Apache 2.0 webserver.  I've been so 
busy fighting my one-man war against the Probation Service, all my other 
shit has fallen well behind.

If I make good progress, I'm going to try to make the Lonix meeting 
tomorrow in London.  They're always a lot of fun (and a lot of beer more 
importantly).  Maybe I'll see some of the Stevenage massive there.

BTW, don't post anything with my email address on any lists or groups; 
spambots harvest addresses from those and it's risk with no reward.

Terrence "Too Hard for Probation" ;-> Houlahan

Ian Gregory wrote:
> Hello,
> While waiting for an all-day breakfast in a local cafe I had a
> look at today's Daily Mail and spotted a half-page story on
> page 26 about Terrence Houlahan, who attended at least one of
> our meetings at the current venue. The headline was "Ex-New York
> cop sacked from our probation service, for putting safety of
> the public first":
> http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/articles/news/news.html?in_article_id=389092
> Ian

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