[Herts] ** Herts LUG Meeting Wednesday 10th May.

Steve Clark steve at bagofspoons.net
Tue May 9 16:30:54 BST 2006

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I very much hope to be there, clutching my £15.

If anyone wants to do a bit of GPG keysigning then bring along some
photo ID (e.g. driving licence or passport) and some printouts of your
key signature or add your key to the keyring at


You won't need a PC as we just need to identify the people associated
with each key then the actual signing can be done when you get home.

Some general information at


but I'm not intending to organise a full keysigning party. We'll keep it
informal unless we find the number of people overwhelming (unlikely I know).

In case you don't know, the object of the exercise is to verify who
controls a given encryption key so that you can exchange encrypted
and/or signed messages with some certainty that a person is who they say
they are. I'm happy to discuss the concepts with people at the meeting.

I'll sign this message, but I have noticed some of mine fail
verification after being processed by the mailing list. The server may
be adding or removing characters in my message body. Changing a single
character will cause a verification failure.

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