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Steve Clark steve at bagofspoons.net
Fri May 12 09:04:28 BST 2006

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Tony Friis wrote:
> James Ronan wrote:
>> It occurred to me earlier this may be because people aren't familiar
>> with IRC and simply don't know how get to the channel.
> Yup, dead right - and now I've got no excuse.
> I'll just have to find out how it all works.
> (but don't hold your breath)
> See you soon-ish  - in #hertslug
> and thanks!

I still fairly new to IRC, but did use it briefly many years ago on my
Amiga. So far I've used XChat (nice GUI client), Chatzilla (runs from
Firefox) and now mainly Konversation (good KDE integration).

I'll just add a couple of comments. When you get on the channel you will
usually see a few people logged in along with several 'bots'. That
latter have been set up by Dave (bigpresh) to manage the channel. It
seems that some clients do not automatically mark people as away when
they have been inactive for a while, so don't be offended if nobody
responds immediately to your messages. Some may be marked as AFK (away
from keyboard).

A while back I got a few personal messages on IRC from strangers
directing me to some dodgy looking URLs. I think these are bots that
some malicious people have set up to trap the unwary. I think it's safe
to just ignore them.

I've done my habitual meeting report at


Thanks again to Malcolm for volunteering to demo the Gimp. This has
encouraged me to explore it further.


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