[Herts] OpenStreetmaps speaker

Tony Friis tony-lug at friis.co.uk
Tue Sep 5 19:54:53 BST 2006

Steve Clark wrote:
> Can I get a show of hands as to how many people will be able to attend?
> Perhaps Tony will be able to bring along his projector.
I intend to come, sounds interesting, so my hand's up.

I'll also arrange to bring a projector (confirm later), even though they 
seem to be bringing one themselves. Redundancy is often useful.
I could also bring a laptop or PC but as I don't have Wimpypoint 
installed I'd rather someone else brought the PC.
< aside > Have you seen how Powerpoint contributed to the space shuttle 
disaster -
< /aside >

I'm assuming we're talking about Wednesday 13th September 2006.

Interestingly our car broke down on our touring holiday of Germany 
(overhead cam drive belt came off!!!)
The replacement hire car had Navigation with built in sat-nav.
Returning from Berlin via Eindhoven the System made a mistake on every 
junction we had to turn at.

Actually there was only one junction; A3 to A40 I think, A motorway 
interchange where at the third fork in the road it just didn't 
acknowledge that a decision was needed, nearly ended up in Munich.


PS    Holiday also explains my delayed response.

PPS   PCPlus this month has an interesting article on digital 
cartography courtesy of Navteq, One of its examples looks suspiciously 
like the new Baldock By-pass. October issue 247, pp 63-66
I'll bring my copy along, or you can nip into Smith's for a quick read.

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