[Herts] [OT] Wanted: someone to fix a friend's laptop power connector

Malcolm Smith lists at thesmith.org.uk
Tue Dec 18 13:07:26 GMT 2007


My friend Ruth's DELL Inspiron 1150 laptop needs its power connector
replacing. The DC jack is wobbling around in its housing and not
powering up.

Is anyone within Herts/Beds able to fix this for her if she brings it
to you? The only solutions she found online involve couriering the
laptop to Birmingham or somewhere at silly cost. There must be a local
tech someone can recommend that won't charge silly money for what is
probably a simple fix. I'd try it myself but my soldering skills are
not great and I don't want to trash her machine.

Please reply to me if you can help, and I'll put you in touch.


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