[Herts] I'm not paranoid

Steve Clark steve at bagofspoons.net
Tue Feb 20 16:29:33 GMT 2007

...but big brother is watching/listening/reading


Even though I don't have anything to hide I would still prefer to use
encryption on my email, instant messaging and VOIP. Some of these rely
on the other party having taken the time to set it up, but most of my
contacts have not done so.

If anyone wants to discuss encryption and/or sign keys at a meeting I am
happy to do so.

It hasn't happened yet, but I wonder if the sp*mmers will ever try
scraping the keyservers and sending encrypted mails. That would at least
get past the content filters. I do wonder if they have extracted
addresses from there, and a quick search seems to imply they have been
doing so for a while


It's not viable to encrypt to mailing lists, but I'll keep signing and
hope the list server doesn't change anything and invalidate the
signature as it sometimes does.

Don't have nightmares


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