[Herts] Mapping the LUG members

Steve Clark steve at bagofspoons.net
Wed Feb 21 20:38:48 GMT 2007

Ages ago I started playing with semantic web stuff like http://geourl.org/ 
that uses a latitude and longitude encoded into web pages to map them. I 
thought it would be fun to write something myself to do something similar, so 
I've got a little Python script that goes through the list of member sites on 
the LUG page.

The results can be seen at


Only four of us there so far and I know some people do not use their home 
location. Anyone can get a free key to use Google maps on their site.

I set up a LUG map at http://www.frappr.com/hertfordshirelug/map, but that 
relies on people joingin up and entering their details. The GeoURL method 
fits better with semantic web technology and gives us more control. I've just 
seen that Frappr now needs Flash 8, so it's not working for me anyway.

My script is at


I'm still learning Python, but I found some examples on-line to do what I 
needed. For now I have to paste the results into the page source, but it 
might be nice to make it run on the server and update automatically. I'd also 
like to add more information to the markers, e.g. their URL, but haven't 
gotten around to that yet.

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