[Herts] RE - Herts Linux User Group Meeting - Wednesday 13th June

Steve Clark steve at bagofspoons.net
Mon Jun 11 08:29:13 BST 2007

nicolas wrote:
> Everyone: Suggestions for a talk demo etc for Wednesdays Meeting?

I just had a thought about this. Some people might not want to do a full
talk at a meeting and may not be able to bring a PC to demonstrate. So
how about people volunteering to talk for 5-10 minutes on whatever they
are playing with at the moment that may be of interest to the group. It
may be some new application they have discovered. This sort of happens
informally when people get together and chat at the meetings, but not
everyone will get to hear it.

I can do 5 minutes on Jokosher (multi-track audio recorder) this week.
Perhaps a couple of other people can do some other topics.


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