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I think this message got blocked last time (it's not in the archives),
maybe because I posted it with a different name (Malcolm Smith) than the
LUG list expected (Spock), although other messages did get through.
I'll try again to change my list subscription options to my new email
address (it didn't work last time).

Here's the message again, and apologies if you all received it but I

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On Thu, May 17, 2007 at 04:08:24PM +0000, David Honour wrote:
> > > I would discuss:
> > > -Jack
> > > -Ardour
> > > -Rosegarden
> > > -Hydrogen
> > > -Jack Rack
> > > -JAMin
> >
It would be awesome to show those programs interacting :-)
Record an Ardour session with Hydrogen and master it with JAMin.
Rosegarden could be a whole other talk, but do whatever you like -
I'll be listening.

> As a general invitation bring whatever you want to bring, I can provide mics 
> etc..
> I was thinking that I would bring:
> -An electric guitar (possibly a les paul or a strat)
> -A pod (effects pedal)
> -An electro-accoustic guitar (steel strings)
> -My pc (with midi cables)
> -PA (for mixer and amplification)
> -Keyboard (Yamha P90)
> -Drum machine (some old Boss thing)
> -Couple of dynamic mics
> -Couple of instrument condenser mics
> -Maybe violin/mandolin/ukelele
That's a lot to bring! Maybe we can share the load and each bring
something. I have mics+stands+cables, etc.

Can I play drums? (no sniggering at the back)

You don't need a drum machine if you have Hydrogen (unless it's a
Dr. Rhythm ;-).

I tell you what: give me two months to find the courage to switch on
my music computer* and learn Hydrogen, and then we can jam :-)
I might bring some acoustic percussion too.

* Something weird happened to me two years ago. After spending ages
reading Linux Audio lists and learning stuff, I finally got Ardour
working on my music box, only to then *never* switch it on again (!?).


Some strange force is holding me back... I recently signed up as a
$10pcm Ardour supporter, in the hope that might just help... Maybe your
Sound Talk will shake me into getting on with it.


Can July's meeting be designated as a MUSIC NIGHT, since all this
gear will be being setup? It would be ideal to have the whole three
hours to focus on David's demo and the ensuing chaos ;-)

> I think that it ought to be doable, I can't make it to the next meeting though 
> unforunately as I have a GCSE exam on the day of the meeting and again on the 
> following day.
Good luck!


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