[Herts] #hertslug channel stats

David Honour thegoatee at tiscali.co.uk
Mon Jun 25 07:29:52 BST 2007

We need to make better use of the channel!

On Sunday 24 June 2007 12:27:16 David Precious wrote:
> Hi all,
> I just got a new IRC bot online, and I've set it to produce channel
> stats for #hertslug - so now we can see just how dead it is in there :)
> The stats are at:
> http://orange.phurix.com/~bigpresh/stats/hertslug.html
> They update automatically every two hours.  I'm probably going to set it
> up to reset them at the end of each month, keeping previous months stats
> (haven't got round to that bit yet).
> A reminder - it's #hertslug on EFNet, grab your favourite IRC client and
> connect.
> If want to check it out without setting up an IRC client, go to
> http://ircatwork.com/ - they have an installation of CGI::IRC that you
> can use (change the server name to any efnet server, like irc.choopa.net
> or efnet.demon.co.uk.
> If people like CGI::IRC, we could always set it up on the new LUG site,
> so people can join the chat straight from the website if they want to!
> Cheers
> Dave P
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