[Herts] Sound talk

Steve Clark steve at bagofspoons.net
Mon Jun 25 16:27:33 BST 2007

David Honour wrote:
> The way I was thinking it would go was that this one would be very much a sort 
> of produce a recording evening, and, afterwards go back into what is involved 
> at each step.

> BTW my rig can't take normal pc speakers as it has phono jack inputs/outputs 
> and the PA is partly to double as a mic input since I have no mic preamp.

I can supply a phono to speakers cable. We might get some worried looks
if we start humping big PA speakers into our room. I've got a little DJ
mixer that can be a mic preamp or Malc may have something better. It
looks like you are going to have a car-full of stuff as it is.

Let's meet up on IRC and sort it all out to avoid boring everyone.


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