[Herts] openoffice calc

Neil Youngman ny at youngman.org.uk
Tue Mar 6 19:06:47 GMT 2007

On or around Monday 05 March 2007 18:41, Barry Sharpe reorganised a bunch of 
electrons to form the message:
> cells a1,b1,c1,d1,e1 have the following ranged values
> a1=0 - 750, b1=750 - 4253, c1=4253 - 135265, d1= 135265 - 768000. I have a
> formula that provides me with a rate per minute of each ranged value so for
> a1 it takes 25m:25s to traverse from 0 - 750, b1 3h:12m, c1 15h:45m all
> this works well as it is easy to convert my formula which outputs minutes
> only to hours etc. But converting and trying to format days is proving very
> dificult DD:HH:MM insists on giving me a date rather than number of days.
> It is worth noting i am not a programmer so it is possible i am using the
> wrong tool. To give a framework to the above problem i am trying to provide
> a linux alternative albeit a simplistic one to an opensource solution
> called evemon which is a windows based character monitoring tool based on
> .NET framework so far i have been unable to get it too work in wine. This
> all relates to a MMO called eve-online.

I'm afraid I found that rather unclear. I wonder if the days function might 


Calculates the difference between two date values. The result returns the 
number of days between the two days.



Date_1 is the start date, Date_2 is the end date. If Date_2 is an earlier date 
than Date_1 the result is a negative number.


DAYS("1/1/2010"; NOW()) returns the number of days from today until January 1, 

DAYS("10/10/1990";"10/10/1980") returns 3652.


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