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Steve Davies steve at one47.co.uk
Wed Mar 7 22:31:21 GMT 2007

On or around Tuesday 06 March 2007 20:13, Barry Sharpe reorganised a
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>I am trying to model a skill tree that a character in game performs to get
>better at a certain task the skill tree is based on rank, level and skill
>points the skill continues to train whilst the character is offline. Rank
>represents the length of time it takes to train the skill, level represents
>how good you are at the given skill. The skill points just represent the
>time taken to train a given skill
>A rank 1 skill as follows
>Level 1 = 250 (Skill points)
>Level 2 = 1415
>Level 3 = 8000
>Level 4 = 45255
>Level 5 = 256000
>A rank 3 skill as follows
>Level 1 = 750
>Level 2 = 4243
>Level 3 = 24000
>Level 4 = 135765
>Level 5 = 768000
>Clearly the Rank 3 skill takes a lot longer to train than a Rank 1 skill.
>The following formula is used to calculate length of time to train a given
>( SP_Needed - Current_SP ) / ( Pri_Attrib + ( Sec_Attrib / 2 ) )
>Attributes are just a number given by a player to his character so he can
>better personalise his/her character for example some skills use memory as
>a primary attribute and chrisma as a secondary attribute.
>Typically primary and secondary attrbitues hold a value of P=19 S=17
>The output of the above formula is always in minutes this works great for
>when a skill is due to be completed in minutes or hours but for the life of
>me when days are involved it seems to be a whole different story trying to
>get openoffice to successfully convert the result from the above formula
>such as 8000 minutes.

I'll go out on a limb here and guess that the game is EVE Online :) That
all looks far too familiar for it to be anything else!

Neil answered your OO.o formula question directly, but in case an
indirect answer is helpful, I believe that there is a Windows product
called "EVEMon" available from http://evemon.battleclinic.com/

I mention this for 2 reasons... 1) It might run under WINE - I have not
tried, and 2) I believe they provide source code which you may be able
to steal for your KDE applet. It is a C# app, and you may even get it
working natively using the mono compiler.

Just some random ideas.

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