[Herts] Herts LUG Meeting Wednesday 14th March.

Paul Dixon lordelph at gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 14:34:20 GMT 2007

I've not made it to a meeting for a while, hope to make this one! I
could talk about VMWare, as I keep promising to.... :(

I second the suggestion of having a wiki and would be happy to assist
in setting one up (perhaps MediaWiki, the software which powers
Wikipedia). The trick with a wiki these days is to ensure you have
some reasonable protection against automated spam attacks where your
carefully crafted content is replaced by Viagra adverts!

As for a logo, apparently the hedgehog is county symbol for
Hertfordshire (google for it!) perhaps a hedgehog wearing a "Tux"
T-shirt? Is there an artist in the room?


On 3/12/07, Steve Clark <steve at bagofspoons.net> wrote:
> nicolas wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > Herts LUG Meeting Wednesday 14th March.
> >
> > This month's talk: To Be Advised
> I hope to be there. I'm likely to be a bit late anyway.
> Something I was thinking we could do some time is to have a discussion
> about how we could improve our web site. Nicolas has done a grand job,
> but I can appreciate if he does not have time to do more with it. I know
> we have a few members who work in web design/programming, so perhaps we
> can have a collaborative project to build something new that uses some
> cool technologies.
> We should not be shy in marketing the LUG and the web site will be the
> first contact most people will have with us.
> Some suggestions:
> 1. A wiki section to allow members to post relevant stuff, e.g. further
> details on topics discussed
> 2. A 'Planet' - a combined feed of posts from member sites
> 3. A replacement for our Frappr page
> http://www.frappr.com/hertfordshirelug. This was neat at the time, but I
> would like to see us build something more open. I already posted about
> my own little example at http://bagofspoons.net/map/gmap.html
> 4. Some new graphics. I think James said he could look at designing our
> own logo.
> 5. A market page for people to offer computer related items they want to
> sell or give away.
> --
> Steve
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