[Herts] LUG Planet with Yahoo Pipes

Steve Clark steve at bagofspoons.net
Tue Mar 20 08:42:11 GMT 2007

I had a play last night at building a combined feed for those member
sites that have feeds. You can see it here:


You have to be able to log into Yahoo to edit the pipe, but then you can
create your own copy and modify it.

Basically it takes a set of feeds and merges them. I was playing with a
filter to try and keep it relevant, but that's not working quite right.
It does not pick up those items with 'linux' in the body. The second
problem was that the items were sorted by source instead of by date, I
tried applying a sort by 'pubdate', but that has problems too. It seems
that my feed does not include the date, but Bloglines and Google Reader
seem to manage to read it.

I'm not that up on how RSS works and haven't read all the available info
on Pipes, so I'm probably missing something. There's not much official
documentation yet. Perhaps someone else can have a play.


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