[Herts] Command Line Bingo

Paul Dixon lordelph at gmail.com
Fri Mar 23 11:54:21 GMT 2007

At the last meeting I floated the idea of assigning 3 people a random
GNU/Linux command from /usr/bin with the idea of them giving a 3
minute talk about it. Enough people seemed to like the idea, so I'll
try to organise this!

Once the (hint hint) new website is up, hopefully with a (further
hint) wiki, each person could also write up a little wiki page on
their presentation to provide something permanently useful.

If you're intending to be at the next meeting, please volunteer by
replying. Once I have a few names I'll create a candidate list of
commands and assign one at random to each volunteer! Note that the
idea isn't that you talk about something you know about, it's that you
go and read the man pages, try it out, search the internets, come up
with cool tricks etc.


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