[Herts] Command Line Bingo

James Ronan james at ronanweb.co.uk
Fri Mar 23 17:03:01 GMT 2007

Hi Guys,

> Once the (hint hint) new website is up, hopefully with a (further
> hint) wiki, each person could also write up a little wiki page on
> their presentation to provide something permanently useful.

Heh, nice hints ;-). Yup I'm nearly done with my move, (lots of boxes
still but that won't change for a few weeks :-( ) I'll be cracking on
with the new site next week. So expect some emails with requests for
input/ budding young web developers for resource. :-)

> If you're intending to be at the next meeting, please volunteer by
> replying. Once I have a few names I'll create a candidate list of
> commands and assign one at random to each volunteer! Note that the
> idea isn't that you talk about something you know about, it's that you
> go and read the man pages, try it out, search the internets, come up
> with cool tricks etc.

Yeah, go on then, I'll be there so I'll do a *short* talk on a command.
(this is where i get a command that no one has used or will use :-) )

Catch ya soon guys.

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