[Herts] XMCE 0.1 released (semi-shameless plug)

David Precious davidp at preshweb.co.uk
Wed May 23 22:56:55 BST 2007

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David Honour wrote:
> For those of you who haven't heard me going on about this, XMCE is my open 
> source programming project. An xorg.conf editor. It is in the early dev days, 
> but, if you're even a tiny bit curious then look for it on sourceforge.

Cool, sounds like an interesting idea.

(To save others looking: http://sourceforge.net/projects/xmce/ )

Seems to be lacking in documentation at the moment (understandable as 
the first version has only just been released :)).

I downloaded and untarred coreforxmce.tar.gz, and ran ./startmce.sh, 
which gave:

[davidp at columbia:/dev/shm]$ ./startxmce.sh
./startxmce.sh: line 15: .xconfigure/module detection.sh: No such file 
or directory
./startxmce.sh: line 23: .xconfigure/xserver settings linker.py: No such 
file or directory

It should probably have a check at the start, something like

if [ !-d ~/.xconfigure ]; then
     echo "XMCE not installed yet!"
     echo "Please follow the install instructions."

BTW can I make a suggestion?  For the next release, I'd suggest naming 
the tarballs with a version number in, something like 
xmce-core-0.2.tar.gz or similar.  Also, I'd really recommend tarring up 
a directory, so that when you extract the file, you end up with a new 
directory, say xmce-core-0.2/, rather than having all the files dumped 
into your current directory.

I'm not clear on why installer.sh creates a .urhome symlink to the 
user's home directory either?

I would recommend having the installer.sh (and probably the docs too) 
inside one distribution tarball, so you download the tarball, untar it, 
and run ./install.sh, which deals with installing stuff to the 
appropriate places.  It could also do with some error checking too, so 
it doesn't barf out a few screenfuls of errors (beause the tarballs 
aren't in my homedir) followed by cheerfully proclaiming "installation 
complete!"  :)

BTW please don't take any of this as an attack, it's meant as 
constructive criticism/advice.  I fully support anyone who makes the 
effort to develop an open source project to give back to the community - 
kudos to you!


Dave P

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