[Herts] Re: Open street mapping

Steve Clark steve at bagofspoons.net
Thu Sep 13 15:36:28 BST 2007

Cliff Deamer wrote:
> Hi Steve
> Thanks for the demo on this subject, I found it very useful but I am now
> overwhelmed with information.
> To sort me out perhaps you can tell me exactly what hardware (PDA or
> such) you use for this purpose and if you were starting from scratch
> what would you get.
> I know you said TomTom was not suitable (that's what I have) but looking
> at the list on the website gives too many options. I want to make it as
> simple as possible.
> Any input appreciated.
> Cheers  Cliff

I'll copy this to the LUG list in case it's generally useful.

I use an Acer n35 PDA, but that's an old model. Newer models may have
better built-in GPS hardware. Alternatively you can just get a phone or
PDA with Bluetooth and use a separate GPS receiver. If I was starting
from scratch and had the budget I might go for the latter approach.

The software I use is


It's pretty good, but has not been developed lately. The other one I'm
looking at is BSGPSPDA, listed at


There's some discussion of TomTom at


but I've not looked into that. I like my PDA as it can do lots of
different things, including TomTom when I need it.

There are also dedicated devices like the NaviGPS


I considered something like that, but wanted more versatility.

As usual with buying gadgets it's difficult to recommend something
without knowing your budget and requirements.


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