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Steve Clark steve at bagofspoons.net
Thu Apr 10 22:35:11 BST 2008

On Thursday 10 April 2008 22:14:24 Mike Roberts wrote:
> Mike 8-{>

Wow, the resemblence is uncanny! Neat domain too.

Last night was fun. Malc's talk was informative and entertaining, as we would 
expect from a born performer. So where is the best place to start on writing 
a letter to my MP/MEP?

It was great to finally get a look at an Asus EEE after reading so much about 
them. I think we should encourage people to bring in new gadgets, especially 
if the run Linux or can be made to work with it. I hope to have some spare 
cash for my next gadget soon. Stay tuned!

If it's useful I'm using the following with my Linux box:

1. DV camera via Firewire - I have most success downloading the video with 
Kino, but Kdenlive is a better editor

2. Various digital cameras - I tend to put the card in my reader and just copy 
the pictures in Konqueror rather than directly from the camera.

3. Old Epson USB scanner - 'Just works'

4. Canon i455 inkjet - Not properly supported with free drivers, so bought 
TurboPrint. Bought it before to use a different printer on my Amiga.

Things I would like to get working:

1. Acer Windows PDA - I'd like to be able to sync it to Kontact, but this 
seems to be difficult. I'd love a Linux PDA, but can't justify right now. 

2. Webcam - I'd like something to use with Skype. Something cheap and 
cheerful. I've seen ways to use a DV camera, but haven't tried it yet.

3. Sound recording via on-board nvidia - Broke some time ago when I upgraded 
Kubuntu. I intend to do a fresh install when 8.04 comes out this month, so I 
would hope that may fix it.


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