[Herts] Linux Audio / Demos

David Honour thegoatee at tiscali.co.uk
Sat Feb 16 07:51:30 GMT 2008

The audio stuff sounds great, and, to defend myself, I kind of imagined
it would work, which would have allowed me to do some more explaining.

On Fri, 15 Feb 2008 14:15:19 +0000
Malcolm Smith <lists at thesmith.org.uk> wrote:

> [From off-list correspondence...]
> On Sat, Jan 12, 2008 at 09:57:44PM +0000, Steve Clark wrote:
> > 
> > I may have mentioned some time about having a music sub-group in
> > the LUG for those who are interested. We could host at our
> > respective homes to demonstrate stuff to avoid carting loads of
> > gear around. Just a thought.
> Yes. Since 2005(!) I've been intending to invite HertsLUG round for an
> evening of Free Audio Software at my house, but can never get the
> place wired-up/tidy/working enough. At present most of my gadgets and
> audio hard/software are embarrassingly silent - I must get that
> sorted as my no.2 priority now, once I start earning a living
> (please, Angels :-) Give me a few months...
> It would have to be an invite-only thing since there is limited space,
> so let me know if you are interested and I'll keep you in mind. For
> security reasons I need to know you in person beforehand (so come to
> HertsLUG meetings) - I can't just be inviting total strangers here to
> plunder my gear! (Not that I would ever suspect/accuse Linux users ;-)
> I'll announce again on this list when I'm ready... (don't hold your
> breath!)
> I assume that anyone interested is at least subscribed to the Linux
> Audio Announce list; I've had to disable receipt of messages from
> Linux Audio Users because that list is high-traffic, so I just lurk
> in the archives. (I have been reading it on+off since 2001, posting
> (rarely) as spock.) And the Linux Audio Developers' list is just way
> over my head ;-)
> Details of these lists at:
> http://lad.linuxaudio.org/
> David's OpenGL demo at the last meeting on February 13th was
> interesting, but had imagined something more like this:
> Wistfully casts mind back...
> http://linux-sound.org/demo.html
> (some 404s, but should be some goodies in there)
> My sad olde machine can't handle OpenGL, but maybe if anyone finds
> something there they want to show, we could play it at the next
> meeting. Of course, nowadays, eye-candy is built into the OS ;-)
> Cheers

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