[Herts] HertsLUG Smoothwall - Mouse

David Precious davidp at preshweb.co.uk
Wed Jun 11 10:21:44 BST 2008

On 06/11/2008 07:54 AM, ROBERTS, Mike wrote:
>> After all it hasn't got a GUI. Why would it need a mouse? Must be 
>> something specific to the IBM BIOS I suspect.
> This is exactly the case that is being discussed. At the last meeting
> the machine kept hanging for a very long time waiting for a mouse during
> POST. From what James and I have found (I looked too when I was
> rebuilding the machine initially) there is no option to disable the
> mouse. Which does indeed seem bizarre. It must be a "feature" of the IBM
> BIOS. Unless someone knows different?
> Anyone know what model of IBM the box is? I neglected to make a note
> when I had it.

I think it looked like a PC330:

That or a similar model.

I'd have thought there'd be a "Halt On Errors" / "Halt on..." setting
like most BIOSes - if so, setting it to none might help - but if there
was a suitable option, I'd expect you or James would have found it.

Maybe there's a BIOS update which would allow mouse errors to be ignored?

Worst case, we lob a crap old mouse inside the case, and have the wire
come out of an expansion slot at the back and plug in to the PS2 port :)

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