[Herts] damn my enthusiasm we are in the latest issue of Linux Format !

local.linux local.linux at jumpstation.co.uk
Mon Jun 23 11:39:26 BST 2008

hi everyone !

Last month Linux Format were complaining that LUGs never had a future schedule 
and so they could not easily do a feature about specific meetings/groups.
They asked that any LUGs that could specify a schedule to do so...
I sent the a few words about things we had done in the past thinking we might 
get a passing mention.
This is what is published 
not on an obscure page in the middle but right at the begining after the 
monthly news !!
Linux Format LXF108 August 2008

Of course they printed something slightly different from what I sent. Original 



The Herdfordshire Lug meets every second Wednesday of each month WITH OUT 

We always have Wifi and wired internet, beer, fun and random demos from 

If we ever decide before the day something specific then its noted on the 
website http://www.herts.lug.org.uk/

Past events include live jamming with instruments recorded by a 'Jack' system.
A talk from the open street map guys.
VMware and 'screen' live demos.
Linux themed pub quizes.
An introduction to talking the LPI linux exams.
Blender walkthrough creating and 'apple storm' and a follow up showing Blender 
Random ad-hoc discussions about progamming, system administration, current 
events and more.
Hardware hacking.

everyone is welcome, we often get people who have never actually installed 
Linux but want to find out more right up to hardcore system administrators 
who use Linux ever day.

Maybe you could feature mini reports from Lug meets, 200 words or less ?

p.s. Linux format ROCKS !


Rob Davis


it appears I had eaten too much sugar and did not think to proof read it 
first :(

I wonder if we will have a few new members next month and whether we can reach 
there expectations !!


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