[Herts] CENTOS 5.1 LAMP

nicolas at jetblackjelly.com nicolas at jetblackjelly.com
Thu Jun 26 10:02:50 BST 2008


Time for a new dedicated server - in preparation I have been building a test server at home. Based on Centos 5.1 the aim is to install the minimum amount of services and a tight configuration to help keep the server secure.
I have based my configuration on the following sets of notes. 




Although they do not always agree.. :(

Observations / Questions!

1. Various Howto's advise or curse SELinux - Any thoughts?

2. One of the howto's recommends removing a long list of packages to tidy up the install, fair enough. Until I try to remove indexhtml which insists on taking 35 other packages with it - including the kernel. It seems all these dependencies are by design. Very strange!

3. FTP - Spent way too long looking at the options for Proftpd which I currently use, but it is not in the Centos base distro and VSftpd, in the Centos distro but no official webmin module, configuration etc.. I have solved the problem now.. The server won't have an FTP server - SFTP only.

4. Firewall - My current server uses the KISS firewall script which has worked well. http://www.geocities.com/steve93138
So, this was my first choice. The scripts tests for - ipt_state, and ipt_multiport - but these tests fail!


modprobe ipt_state 
modprobe ipt_multiport

Work fine. I have removed the tests from the script, but it would be nice to fix it properly


I am also puzzled as to why a number of the Modprobe commands are duplicated in the script and the effects of not loading the other modules mentioned in the script.  

Thanks again for any thoughts. 


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