[Herts] Anyone got a spare KVM switch?

Steve Clark steve at bagofspoons.net
Tue Jul 7 08:47:06 UTC 2009

2009/6/20 nicolas <nicolas at jetblackjelly.com>

> Steve,
> I certainly have a 2 port PS2 style KVM that you could have if it would
> be of use.

Any chance you can bring it along this week? I should be there, but will
probably be a bit late.

Thanks again

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> Subject: [Herts] Anyone got a spare KVM switch?
> I'm thinking of setting up a separate PC just for audio work, but want
> to use
> the monitor and keyboard on the main PC to save space. I used to have a
> switch, but foolishly got rid of it a couple of years back. So does
> anyone
> have one lying around that they don't need?
> I'm also interested in suggestions on a good distro to use for audio
> work.
> There are a fair few out there. I want something that is going to have
> things
> like a real time kernel and make it easy to set up Jack. My main PC has
> some
> audio issues generally. I tried some multi-tracking in Audacity
> yesterday and
> got terrible latency that put the tracks out of sync.
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