[Herts] Tonight's talk: Optimising Linux for SSDs / +FREE STUFF!

Malcolm Smith lists at thesmith.org.uk
Wed May 13 15:41:27 UTC 2009

On Wed, May 13, 2009 at 11:12:21AM +0100, Malcolm Smith wrote:
> Hello
> I'd like to give a short talk/discussion at tonight's Herts LUG
> meeting about optimising GNU/Linux filesystems for use with SSDs
> (Solid-State Drive). It may also apply to other OS's.
> This will be a theoretical talk without real hardware to demonstrate
> (so no falling asleep at the back!), but will hopefully provide some
> interesting ideas for discussion. Hopefully these ideas will one day
> lead to a future demo with OMG *shiny* hardware ;-)

Just to clarify: I'll be presenting some original ideas I have about
SSD usage, as well as a basic grounding in which models to buy/avoid.
Don't expect a lavish one-hour PowerPoint demo with benchmarks and
posh biscuits! I'll be working from olde-style paper notes - if I get
time to write any!

And I have some special offers for you, Ladies and Gentlemen!

For ONE NIGHT ONLY, I am giving away some classic collectable rare
early editions of Linux Format and Linux Magazine, dating from
BackInTheDays(TM) of Issue #1 in 2000! For free! Not just that, a
Sinclair ZX Spectrum too! There may well be other stuff soon too
(Beebs, 486, PII, PIII machines if anyone is interested). See:


Either turn up at tonight's meeting (I'll bring them), or email me off list.
If there are no takers, they will have to be recycled as my spare room
is collapsing due to subsidence! (Not joking!) Too much olde computers ;-)

See you
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