[Herts] The Great Linux Filesystem Tour - Linux Format Magazine Issue 95 Aug2007 Pages 60-63

ROBERTS, Mike mike.roberts at astrium.eads.net
Sat May 16 08:45:25 UTC 2009

During Malcolm's excellent talk, the other evening, on the in's and
out's of Solid State Disks (SSDs) there was some talk of which
directories held which files and performed what functions in the Linux

I mentioned that there was a useful guide to the structure of the Linux
filesystem in one of the Linux Format Magazines Malcolm had brought
along to give away but I couldnt remember when it was published.

Having found the article now I thought it might be useful to post a link
to it to the mailing list for future reference.

It is written in a very jokey style and I found it really useful as an
introduction to the way the Linux filesystem is structured. It may not
cover the more techincal details of the filesystem and may not be in
depth enough for Malcolm's needs however, as someone without clue on the
fs, I found it very useful ;o). The article may be especially useful to
those moving from Windows to Linux as it may help explain what goes
where and why in the Linux filesystem.

The article "The Great Linux Filesystem Tour" was first published in
Linux Format Magazine, Issue 95, Aug 2007 and can be found on Pages

This is one of the articles that Linux Format have released as a PDF for
all to read and can be down loaded here:-


There is another very useful guide mentioned in the article called the
"Filesystem Hierarchy Standard" which is available at:-


NOTE: There is a typo in the URL for the location of the "Filesystem
Hierarchy Standard" documents. The URL as printed has a space between
"path" and "name" which should be removed.

I hope that you find this useful.

Regards Mike


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