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Steve Clark steve at bagofspoons.net
Thu May 21 10:27:12 UTC 2009

2009/5/21 jayybee <john at jayybee.com>

> Hi all, its JOHN here (Smile)... I have been called several things in my
> time and even at the LUG meetings Im known by several different names.
> Which leads me on to making a suggestion to the list. Im sure we all
> suffer from the 'Who did I speak to' problem so how about extending our
> site to include mug shots together with a list of that individuals
> tallents / interests in and around the world of Linux / unix so that
> others might know who to ask a friendly question or give advise on certain
> subjects. Just a suggestion, perhaps we could have a chat about it next
> month. Cheers, enjoy your weekend everyone. JOHN.

Will 2009 be the year we re-do the web site?

We have the old Members Sites (sic) page, but there are no pictures and some
of those people have not attended in years.

I think we should move to either a wiki-based or Wordpress site. Then we can
allocate right to several people to update it. There should be static pages
for things like the member list as well as a 'blog' for news items and
meeting reports. Getting content onto the site is more important than
playing with the design, but if someone has the time and skills to work on
that then that's fine.

If we have to host the site elsewhere to get what we want then I have no
problem with redirecting the existing URL there. Wordpress allow you to host
a site on their systems, or we could use some of our funds to rent our own

Let's discuss it next month. That doesn't mean we can't sort out some
details here first.

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