[Herts] Web hosting recommendations?

Stephen Dicks hertslug at starswan.com
Mon Oct 5 19:34:11 UTC 2009

nicolas wrote:
> Hi,
> I have had a dedicated web server for many years. But for the past year
> or so it has just not been used enough to warrant the cost, plus it
> needs to be maintained.
> So, I want to move about 12 domains to a hosting company. I have looked
> at UK2net and Fasthosts but do you have any recommendations? Or
> companies I should avoid? 
I belong to a server co-operative called the Hatters Club 
(http://www.hatters.org.uk) - we co-own a machine in telehouse 2 and 
share the costs of hardware and hosting - around £100-£150/year (about 
£10/month) typically. We're losing some members, so maybe this would 
allow you to have the same facilities but at less cost?

Steve Dicks

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