[Herts] LUG member questionaire

Nathan Lennox nlennox at aefinity.net
Thu Apr 8 12:54:41 UTC 2010

Hi All, now is as good a time as any to 'delurk' I guess :)

On 31 March 2010 19:44, Steve Clark <steve at bagofspoons.net> wrote:

> On the drive home today I was pondering putting together a little
> questionaire
> so we can get to know a bit more about the membership. Here's some thoughts
> on
> possible questions. I'll provide my answers later
> 1. Who are you? Give as much/little info about yourself as you like

I'm Nathan, and I've been working in IT for 15 years. These days I coax
servers (mostly Linux, some Windows and ... SCO :S) and networks along, and
occasionally build new architecture for a largish multinational.

> 2. What's you general computer experience? When did you start using them?

The first computer I had access to was an IBM PS/2 Model 30 - which belonged
to my father's work. I promptly took it apart because I wanted to know how
it worked and the rest is history ;) Since then I've moved from DOS to
Windows to OS/2 to Windows to OSX with a liberal sprinkling of Linux.

3. When/why did you start using Linux?

I first used Linux in 1994 - Slackware it was, based on kernel 1.2.3. I was
at University and wanted something to play with when I wasn't able to access
the Unix servers on campus.

4. Is Linux your main OS?

Linux is my main OS at work - OSX for home.

5. What distro/desktop do you use?

I've been using Ubuntu for a while, but have recently dipped my toe back
into Fedora - still not sure if I'm staying with Fedora .. Ubuntu is quite a
slick experience .. and Fedora is not so good with multi-head Nvidia setups!
:P On the work front, we exclusively use RHEL/CentOS, depending if we
require support or not.

> 6. Do you still need to use another OS? Do you use dual boot, virtual PC,
> Wine?

I don't have much choice at work unfortunately. Some of the software we use
is exclusively Windows and whilst I can do without some of it, our
Enterprise email archiving system has no client for Linux hence I'm stuck
running Outlook in a VirtualBox Windows 7 environment.

> 7. Do you play games? What OS/console?

I do play games, mostly on the console these days (XBox 360), but still play
the odd game on the PC, usually in Windows.

> 8. Do you write software?

 I try. I'm not overly good at it. But I enjoy it :)

9. Do you hack hardware?

Nope :)

Nice to meet you all :)

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