[Herts] Geeky songs

Mike Roberts hertslug at mikerobe.org
Fri May 14 17:31:41 UTC 2010

Steve Clark wrote:
> Last night some of us were looking up geeky songs on Youtube using the
> Joggler. I've heard a few by Jonathan Coulton. You can buy his stuff
> or download some free tracks at
> <snip>
> Apparently there is a music genre called Nerdcore.

MC Hawking is quite funny
> As for the Joggler, I'm tempted.

Ordered one today. Decided to order by phone but was rather miffed with 
some of the info they insisted on trying to get. Why did they need my 
DoB and why did they need to know how long I had lived at my current 
address? They wouldnt process the order at all without DoB but I drew 
the line at providing details of how long I had lived here.

3 to 5 days apparently. :) Any recommended links for Joggler hackery?

Mike 8-{>


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