[Herts] Fwd: Items needed for projects in Sri Lanka

Neil Youngman Neil.Youngman at youngman.org.uk
Wed Oct 6 18:07:20 UTC 2010

Apologies if anyone feels this in inappropriate for this list, but I've been 
asked if I can find various things for a project in Sri Lanka. As some of 
them are IT related, I'm forwarding the request here. If anyone can help, I 
will arrange to get the items to the charity.


Neil Youngman

<Snipped forwarding chain>

Dear All

In my role as one of the trustees of the 3 Oaks Trust I am off to Sri Lanka 
again on 28th November for 10 days to monitor the progress of some of the
projects we support. I am trying to source some items we want to take out with
us and I am writing to ask if anyone has unwanted items they would like to
donate as follows:

The Trust set up and wholly funds an IT school in Ja Ela near Columbo. We will 
be attending their 10th anniversary prize-giving ceremony on December 5th.
Whilst out there earlier this year we approved modifications to the school
building which have now been completed. We identified the need for on Overhead
Projector, and a library of IT related texts. 

The OHP is needed to enable all 50 odd students in the classes to see and make
notes. (yes there are 50 odd – mostly young adults- in the classes – and no
discipline problems!!). Students pay no fees. A large piece of white plastic 
is easily found locally and will be hung on the wall for a screen

Some students have some English at various levels and, having identified the
learning of English language as a need for the job market, we have plans for
English language classes alongside IT. We need English IT related texts for
use as textbooks and resource material. I have some already that were being
thrown out by the local library. 

Maybe those of you who are teachers will be aware if your IT department are 
replacing books or know of teachers who may be able to help. Likewise there 
may be some old OHP’s hanging around that have been replaced by more 
up-to-date technology………

Whilst in Sri Lanka earlier this year we met with the Sri Lankan Council for 
the Blind. The SLCB is a very small organisation which does some wonderful 
work with the aim that the blind be able to compete for employment on an 
equal footing with the sighted. In particular they offer training in IT (the 
teacher is blind from birth) and stressed the importance of the knowledge of 

They have a small library which includes Braille books in English and 
Singhalese and also a few English audio books on CD. They are anxious to 
build up the stock of audio books and have a tiny recording studio where 
volunteers laboriously read books into a computer which are then transferred 
to CD. I am collecting audio books to take out. They must be on CD (not tape) 
due to storage space and the technology needed to “read” them.  So if any of 
you have any you no longer use I would love to relieve you of them.

for reading


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