[Herts] FW: Meeting: Herts LUG - Thursday 14th July 2011

nicolas nicolas at jetblackjelly.com
Wed Jul 13 00:05:21 UTC 2011

Hi Nicolas

[Please post this message to the list (I am so busy with teaching and  away
from emails until Friday, + so tired now that I must sleep! :) ]

I'd like to do my talk this week on panoramic photo editing with Hugin. It
won't be a fully scripted TED talk, but an informative hands-on walkthrough
showing how to use the program to easily get good results.

IMPORTANT: Please can someone bring a computer with largeish screen, as this
will be v.poor on a tiny laptop, and I haven't time to bring my machine as
I'm out teaching+performing every day and night this week, even before LUG
meeting! I'll bring USB stick with data, the PC just needs to have GIMP and
Hugin installed (easily available packages, nothing special).

http://www.thesmith.org.uk/     Personal site of unfathomable depths
http://www.secretbass.org.uk/   Drum circle in deepest Hertfordshire
http://www.drummingisfun.co.uk/ African drumming workshops+performances

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