[Herts] Talk for this month.

JB john at jayybee.com
Wed Jun 1 13:09:32 UTC 2011

Hello fellow Herts Luggers.
I wish to propose a general talk this month with the subject being:

"How do we get Linux taken seriously in the work place" ?

The reasons for me raising this discussion point are:

I run a small business purely based on Linux, open source and free
I do quite well thank you and wish to spread the word / technology for
mutual benefit.

I also work for companies using closed source software and I am, on a
daily basis
subjected to problems, frustration and expense that could easily be
It is in the breaking down of mind sets, attitudes and functions of
character that
are really challenging in the work place when it comes to even muttering
the phrase
"Linux" or "Linux server" etc...

I am quite keen to hear others opinions, trials and tribulations.

JB <john at jayybee.com>

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