[Herts] New list member; looking for Mint support recommendations.

andrew marshall g8bur at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 28 13:08:46 UTC 2016

Hi all,

I've just joined the list today. I run a couple of Linux machines, a PC on Mint 16 and a laptop on Mint 17. I'm just a Linux user, not at all savvy about the OS itself; it's simply a means to an end (which is mainly to become MS-free as far as possible) for me.

I'm looking for recommendations for some repair and support work which I need doing on these two boxes.

One is a Dell Latitude 6400 laptop, running Mint 17; it has recently become unusable, just giving a 'Cinnamon has crashed' message on startup. I need to get this machine fixed, or if the failure is unrecoverable, I need to find a supplier who can sell me a new laptop with the latest LTS version of Mint installed.

The second box is a tower PC running Mint 16, which needs upgrading to Mint 17 (or the latest LTS version of Mint) as it currently will not allow updates to Firefox, and thus now will not allow me to use YouTube. It also will not allow me to use Skype.

If anyone on the group could please recommend a reliable support services supplier to whom I can entrust these machines (for various reasons, at-home support is not an option) for service, I would be very grateful.

Andrew Marshall.
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