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Steve Clark steve at bagofspoons.net
Tue Jun 27 14:43:34 UTC 2023


I'm still around and still using Linux as my main OS. I went to a couple 
of Hackspace meetings before they got their own building. I'm just not 
playing much with that sort of thing, much as I would like to. My time 
is mostly spent on music these days.

There used to be a techie group called SyncHerts that met up in 
Stevenage to talk about all sorts of things, but that is not running any 
more. I saw some of the HertsLUG people there.

I would be up for a meetup of the old crowd some time.


On 26/06/2023 23:53, Mike Roberts via Herts wrote:
> Hi Patrick,
> Without wishing to steal folks from Herts LUG I would second Alister's 
> suggestion of Hitchin Hackspace as a possible, although not direct, 
> alternative group of people. In fact I would extend an open invite to 
> all HertsLUG members / folks on this list to come and visit :)
> I fear the Covid kind of did for the in person meetings. I haven't 
> been to one in years.
> I'm one of the HH management committee and we have weekly open evening 
> on a Monday from 19:30 and a monthly social on the 2nd Tuesday of the 
> month at The Victoria, a pub just along the road from the Hackspace.
> htttps://hackhitchin.org.uk/
> Post code SG5 1NJ
> Folks tinker with Raspberry Pis and the like, Arduinos and we have 3d 
> printers, laser cutters and a workshop with bigger tools. There are 
> also folks involved in other internet / tech social groups in the 
> North Herts / Hitchin area who are members.
> That said fresh interest in Herts Lug might stimulate a resurgence of 
> interest from former members?
> Are there any other regulars from the before times still out there?
> Mike
> On 25/06/2023 23:36, Patrick Klein via Herts wrote:
>> Hello together!
>> My name is Patrick and I've recently moved to Stevenage. I'd would like
>> to meet some friendly people with overlapping interests. I've
>> discovered the Hertfordshire Linux Users Group on lug.org.uk and was
>> wondering whether it is still active.
>> Best,
>> Patrick.
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