[IOM] Greetings

Daniel Ankers dan_a at manx.net
Mon Dec 2 13:38:00 2002

Hi Alan,

What problems are you having?  The setup here is very similar to BT's, 
so any documentation which covers their network should cover the 
Island's too (http://linux-usb.sourceforge.net/SpeedTouch/howto.html, 
for example.)

I don't have Mandrake, so can't advise on distribution specific things, 
but I know most of the information you will need to know about the 
network ;-)


Alan J Wright wrote:

>Just a short message from the west of the Island, I have been using linux off and on for over three years now, RH Mandrake and Suse. 
>I am having major problems setting up mandrake 9 to use adsl with dear old manx net. If anyone has any constructive hints tips etc please feel free to email me
>All the best
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