[IOML] Project: Linux-Bot

Chris Bryden c.bryden at virgin.net
Mon Feb 24 01:41:02 2003

Hi All,

I'm starting a little linux based robotics project if anyone would like to 
help. What I'm trying to do is put together a linux powered robot, equipped 
with a camera and connected to the local LAN via an 802.11b wireless 
network card. The idea is an intelligent, compact robot that can 
communicate images and sensory data to, and accept instructions from, 
software running on a linux box on the local network. The little fella will 
also run it's own little web server to communicate information and images...

The reason this came about is that I bought an end of line MvNet webcam 
with a built-in modem for a client that ended up, for one reason or 
another, to not be suitable for the job, so was lumbered with it. So I took 
it apart to see what was inside and it contains a complete PC/104 form 
factor 486 (only 25Mhz with 4Mb of RAM, but useable) There is also a PCMCIA 
board with two slots, one of which held the modem. I've replaced with an 
802.11b wireless LAN card.

The processor board came with 1Mb of EPROM, and 512k of flash and runs QNX, 
which I'm looking to replace with a larger EEPROM and a 64Mb DiskOnChip, 
running Linux. All this, along with the Sony camera module and frame 
grabber board are housed in metal case, which IMHO could easily be mounted 
on an existing remote control tank-track chassis and run off a couple of 
small 12v lead-acid batteries.

I've put some pics up, so you can see what I mean  - 

Other links...

The MvNet webcam - http://www.active-imaging.com/products/mvnet/
The PC/104 Processor board - http://www.dge.com.au/manuals/tc486trm.pdf
DiskOnChip - 

I'm not sure how much time I'll get to spend on this with work and all, so 
it may take a while, but it's just supposed to be a bit of fun, so if 
anybody is interested in helping make this happen, esp. anyone with 
experience building RC stuff, let me know on the list...

Kind Regards,


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