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John Mylchreest johnm at gentoo.org
Mon Jul 28 22:19:00 2003

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I personally feel this would be a good idea, any objections or specific
questions you would like me to raise in the letter?

- John

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> From: PJ <pj@sysman.open4free.co.uk>
> To: "MYLCHREEST, John" <helix@manx.net>
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> Subject: Raising Linux awareness
> Date: 28 Jul 2003 22:11:09 +0100
> IoM Examiner adverts p30....
> Dept. of Home Affairs, Communications Division, IT Officer.
> Implementing first fully integrated Emergency Services Joint Control Room=
> Experience in: Windows 2000, NT, XP client/server & Microsoft SQL & Offic=
> Do you think we should write (individually) to ask whether Linux has been=
 investigated as an alternative (and money saving scheme - TCO)?
> Reference to Nottingham Police force adoption (based on TCO).
> Maybe action plan to be discussed at next IoM LUG?
> Peter Jackson

John Mylchreest.

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