[IOML] Linux 2003 Conference & Tutorials, Edinburgh, 31 July - 3 Aug

Alasdair G Kergon agk at lug.org.uk
Mon Jun 16 10:20:03 2003

See below for details of this summer's linux conference in Edinburgh.

Also, don't forget to register for the Linux User & Developer Exhibition
at the Birmingham NEC, Tues 24 - Thurs 26 June:
  http://www.linuxexpo.org.uk/   .org Village with representatives of UK LUGs

and Tim O'Reilly's free talk in London on Mon 23rd June celebrating 
25 years of O'Reilly books:


Linux 2003 Conference & Tutorials, Edinburgh, 31 July - 3 Aug
The UK Unix User Group's linux technical conference visits
Edinburgh this year.  It's a great way to broaden your knowledge and
keep up-to-date with what's happening in the world of linux. 

Speakers include Jon 'maddog' Hall of Linux International
and the new Debian Project Leader, Martin Michlmayr.

The Edinburgh Linux User Group is helping with the preparations
for the event, including the evening social programme.

For further details please see http://www.ukuug.org/events/linux2003/

Full-day Tutorials on Thursday 31st July
   Inside the Linux Kernel - Stephen Tweedie (Red Hat) 
   Python for Programmers  - John Pinner & David Chan (Clockwork S/ware Syst.)

Provisional Conference Programme: Friday 1st August - Sunday 3rd August
   * Business and Applications
         Core Business Applications for GNU/Linux
         The Government Gateway and Linux
         New Breakthroughs in Linux Supercomputing
         How to Get an Open Source-related Business Funded in a Down Economy
         Not Fired for Buying Linux? Quirks of Open Source Adopters' worldviews
         Free and Open Source Software in the Health Service
   * Embedded Systems
         Debian on Handheld Computers
         Real Time/Embedded C on Linux: An Introduction
         PIC Programming with Open Source Tools
         Linux on the eLAP
   * GUI Development and Applications
         KDE Development
         Cross-Platform GUI Development with WxWindows
   * Kernel and Device Drivers
         Ugly Ducklings: Resurrecting unmaintained code
         RelayFS: Transmitting data from kernel to userspace
         Simple, Robust Software RAID for Linux 2.6
         IrCOMM2k: Porting Linux IrDA to the Windows Kernel
   * Networks and Security
         Layer 2 Networking Vulnerabilities
         Linux Packet Filtering: The Future
         CONESYS: The COntent NEtwork SYstem
   * Productivity
         Power Shell Usage: Bash Tips & Tricks
   * Project Management
         Managing Debian
         Portability from a Debian perspective
         Software for Open Communities
   * Software Development
         Extreme Linux Programming - A Continuum
         N things every programmer should know about signal handling
         Using buildfarms to improve code
  * Sound
         Sound Systems on Linux: The Past and the Future
         Sweep: Real-world audio editing on Linux
  * Systems Administration
         Mass Unattended Linux Installations
         Using GNU/Linux to Deliver Windows XP to the Desktop
  * Web
         Automated Website Synthesis
         Efficiency in the XML Era

Including speakers from IBM, Novell, Red Hat, SuSE, HP, SGI, GBdirect

If you book before 30th June you can take advantage of the Early Bird 
rates e.g. UKP 30 for the conference (50% discount) or UKP 12.50 for
students.  (If you're not already a UKUUG member, you'll need to add 
the membership fee to this.)

Sponsors: Positive Internet, Perforce, SGI, Astaro 

Web:   http://www.ukuug.org/events/linux2003/
Email: office@ukuug.org
Tel:   +44 1763 273 475