[IOML] Slightly OT question

Dylan Smith dyls at dylansmith.co.im
Thu Jun 19 12:53:03 2003

On Thu, 19 Jun 2003, Daniel Ankers wrote:

> Hi Dylan, I've not found any way to get these routers to work as
> bridges - the MT system works on PPPoA, and the SpeedStreams will only
> bridge for standard bridged connections.  What do you reckon the
> commands should be?

I downloaded the documentation from SpeedStream, and it claims (well, for
the standard firmware at least) that the default configuration is to work
as a bridge. (Maybe the manual is assuming PPPoE. I tend to live at higher
layers of the stack, so I confess to not having perfect knowledge here).

Basically, I don't want to be on a private network allocation. I need to
be able to do:

ifconfig eth1 <public-ip> netmask
route add default gw <gateway> dev eth1

and I'll be satisfied.

Unfortunately, I wasn't too clear this morning when I gave the
instructions to the engineer (the ADSL people thought I wanted an entire
/24), but all I want is to be able to access the static IP.

I've spoken to Dan Clague at MT, and possibly someone else. The last I
heard was they were wondering if they were "allowed" to do this and were
desperately trying to foist a /29 on me (which we don't need and don't
want to pay for, plus the waste of IPv4 space etc.) I'd rather not have to
buy a new router.

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