[IOML] [Fwd: IOM College interested in linux, no one to teach]

Dylan Smith dyls at dylansmith.co.im
Mon Jun 30 09:13:01 2003

On 26 Jun 2003, John Mylchreest wrote:
> > They teach purely on M$ stuff, but have dabbled in linux and want to
> do more.  > Need someone who knows linux to run a course just to do
> the basics and maybe > more. > > If there is anyone in the linux iom
> user group who knows linux reasonably well > perhaps suggest that they
> contact the college with a view to doing an evening > course (which
> most of the IT teachers would attend) > > End result would be a big
> expansion in the use of linux in the iom, > > Phil

I would like to help out here. I don't have the time right now,
but maybe come August/September I can do something.

Anyone got a contact there, or know what they are looking for?

Even better, if anyone out there can teach (I've never done it before),
I'd be very happy to provide backup and assistance.

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