[IOML] Waaaaah! MT forums!

Chris Bryden cjb at neonbox.org
Fri May 14 16:11:05 BST 2004

At 09:55 14/05/2004, Dylan Smith wrote:

>Hi all,
>It sounds like MT has closed the forums under 'political pressure', or
>perhaps Mr. Corkill taking life too seriously.
>Anyone know of new alternatives? What about general internet/computing for
>the IOM? Perhaps we as the IOM LUG can step in for the computing side of
>online forums for the Isle of Man.
>Actually, I was thinking a little of a grander scheme - perhaps a registry
>for open source practicioners on the Isle of Man as one of the problems
>with OSS here is that the usual suspects when it comes to support/installs
>only know Windows (XKO and the like), and it's difficult for people to
>find where to get people who understand OSS to help and handhold them.


Would be happy to donate bandwith and space on our co-lo linux box to host 
forums, or whatever you like within reason. I think a collective of OSS 
skilled bods would be very useful.

An illustrator buddy and I are putting together a site to use as a home for 
our professional work, we use OSS software wherever humanly possible (well 
I do for the technical side, he's in love with Macromedia, but he is a 
designer, bless.)  tis at http://www.neonbox.net. Still very much a draft - 
actual paying work keeps getting in the way!

I'd be happy to host another domain and generally help set stuff up to get 
something together as a home for OSS users/techies/advocates on the Island. 
The box is Apache/Tomcat ( most of the stuff I do is in Java) backed by a 
postgreSQL database, so something to fit in with that would be the best 
route for me. I could put PHP on there but I'd rather not have to add yet 
more modules into Apache if we can get away with using Java/JSP..

On another tack, we need to ask our MHKs why taxpayers money is being spent 
to keep a high bandwidth link to the UK dormant? are they really serious 
about e-commerce on the IOM? -http://www.gov.im/mea/telecoms.xml - Switch 
it on!



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