[IOML] Employees needed

Josef STEWARD dimmerfoehn at amrer.net
Wed Apr 20 21:30:30 BST 2005

Good afternoon,

Do you want to earn some extra $$$ working from home? We have a great offer for you!

Our corporation Ship & Pay Intl. is constantly looking for trustworthy people to be our representatives in your country!

You'll need NO money and NO special skills to start working. Anyone can work with us, why not you?!

If you're interested, please visit our corporate web-site:


Our requirements:
1. We don't work with persons under 21 
2. Computer with access to internet, e-mail
3. 3-5 hours free during the week
4. Bank account to receive payments
5. Be able to lift 5-10 pound boxes.
6. Reply to e-mails immediately
7. Check your e-mail several times a day (each hour is welcome)
8. Be responsible, hard working and communicable
9. Be able to answer phone calls

If you like to join our community don't hesitate to visit http://www.shipandpay.com/jobs.html and fill in the online application form.

Thank you.

Ship & Pay International


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