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Fri Dec 9 21:52:39 GMT 2005

Shares Outstanding: 35M (est.)
Float (est.):  5M
Recent Trading Range: $.90 – 1.10 (post split)
Expected Trading Range: $1.30 – 1.90

Breaking News:           

November 25, 2005
Researchers say: “Creditz is fast becoming the country’s foremost choice of
currency in e-commerce, a $20 billion a year industry.”

Breaking News:           

November 7, 2005 CEO America announced that a marketing and development
partnership with Verifone Holdings, Inc. to provide a new service that
allows merchants to take the next logical steps to enhance debit cards, gift
cards, and proprietary loyalty systems.  Creditz digital currency is a
service that allows merchants the ability to distribute a ubiquitous Digital
Currency Card that puts “cash like” value on the card.

November 1 2005 CEO America and Innerwall sign development agreement
supporting new security features in digital currency system.   The new
security will provide payment industry partners an enhanced security feature
as well as provide merchants with the ability to better understand their

Recent Headlines:
November 7, 2005:  CEO America hosts MyCommunity networking event.  Santa
Monica schools and businesses band together for educational programs for
schools.   Local businesses agree to give a percentage of  profits from
Digital Currency Card purchases to benefit school programs.

October 18, 2005:  David Vaters, Chairman of CEO America interviewed by
Larry Nelson on w3w3 talk radio.  Larry Nelson, host and founder of w3w3
stated, “CEO America is a breakthrough company, and we wanted to inform our
listeners about this revolutionary business model.”                         

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