[IOML] 2006 is looing good - RYNL looks better

Bryon Reeves belson at chx.com
Tue Dec 27 07:12:57 GMT 2005

Get Ready For A Great Week In Trading

Hey Members,

We hope your holidays have been great so far. It is a wonderful 
time of year to enjoy the company of friends and family. 

We have a few days of trading this week and it is a perfect 
opportunity to pick your stocks and get in on them before the BIG 
January Pick-Up. So here is Our Mid-Holiday Pick for Tuesday Dec 27th.

Symbol: RYNL
Price: $0.13
Note: Two huge volume jumps on Thursday and Friday last week.

Last week gave you the scoop on RYNL and saw an increase of over 
1400% in trading volume. Friday carried that increase with another
600% increase over their regular trading volume.

This stock is price right to get in and is showing signs of a substantial
rise in the market this week and on into the new year.

Take an opportunity to read the list of Major Corporate partners they have
on there website.

This is the stock you want to be jumping on Tuesday morning before it rises
this week and into the new year.

Don’t Miss RYNL Tomorrow. It’s our Mid Holiday Pick.

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