[IOML] Shell/Perl/Whatever script wanted

Simon Booth simon.booth at felikz.net
Wed Jul 20 16:10:34 BST 2005

Hi Guys,

I'm not sure any of you guys will be able to help me with this but it's 
worth a try.  I am in need of some sort of script or app which is small 
and can be run from a linux shell which will discover a route out to the 
internet from whatever network it is put on.  E.g. where I work we do 
not set our default gateway to our firewall/proxy, therefore if I am 
looking for a way of discovering a route out to the internet whether it 
be via a direct connection or via a proxy, and if so I would need to 
know which method it was.

I guess that the procedure for the script would have to go something 
like this:

1. Try collect a file from the web which I know would be there (i.e. 
equiv of wget "www.google.com")
2. See if normal proxy ports exist on default gateway (80,8080,3128 etc) 
and if so try pull a file off the web which would be there
3. Scan local network to find proxy servers available
4. Test each proxy server found to see if www.google.com could be fetched

To sum up I want to be able to automatically discover a route out to the 
internet for HTTP access ... has anyone come across this before or have 
any idea on the best way to script something like this ???



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