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Tokens C. Underwrite rainford at ihug.com.au
Mon Jun 27 19:52:39 BST 2005

Dear Sir/Madam
Are you really looking for job?

   Onne of thhe bigggest Financce Commpany of East Europpe is glad to offfer
excelllent worrk prroviding real mooney to you!! No neeed to inveest or buy
prooductts in ordder to work with us.

No money to start?

About us:
     Financce Coompany, Latvia  was foundded in 1995 by a team of 
expperts. By noow our coompany has growwn frrom a small coompany with 7
empployeees to an inteernational grroup with seveeral reprresentative offficees 
diffeerent counttries of thhe woorld. Noowadays we are noot just sellling and
buying antiques, but are alsso dealing with orrganizationns of 
exxhibitionns, seeminars, tours and many othher things. For more 

Our vacancies:
     Noow cliennts of our coompany coonduct financial opeerationns all oveer 
worrld inccluding Uniteed Kingddom, but due to sufficiennt perfeection in
Banking Seervice we have soome difficulties in transslation and
reorrganization of our businesss, theerefore we are planning to opeen 
in which we reequire Uniteed Kinggdom. Noow we are loooking foor financial
assistantts whho will be respoonsiblle to acccept paymentts frrom our clientts. 
this momeent we proovide and offfer worrk at hoome, afteer oppening offficees in
UKs, you will have an opportunity for working in our offices as well.

     Tooday we are loooking foor financial assistantts that will be 
to acccept paymentts froom clientts thhrough bank transsfer, beecause of
impperfection of bank systtem. UK's partnerrs of our clientts have soome
difficulties with sennding bank transslationns and cheeques to East Euroope.
You can make 10 % commmission frrom evvery transffer you will reeceive 
reelative to our businesss. Thhe resst neeeds to be transfeerred to our
commpany's reepresentative by Westtern Union; all Westeern Union feees are 
by us. On aveerage you will be making 2,000 US Dollars per week.

     We beelievve that you can geet goood future and achievementts in our
businesss. If our offeer is interessting to you, pllease feeel frree in 
a mail to our HR offfice. Foor morre infformation our crrew of Human 
is ready to answerr all your questions.

      If you are ready to beegin with us woork you shhould make thhe 
go to site " Leave Reesume" Afteer you have made
during 24 hours we to you we shall seend thhe conntract and we shall start 
woork as sooon as poossible with you.

Sincerely yours,
Elite Job Company. Latvia

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