[IOML] You the student also require money? You should begin with us

Twila dhoustonartu at airbomb.com
Sun Nov 6 18:52:22 GMT 2005

Dear Sir/Madam. look

A growing firm with advancement potential is looking for manager
assistants.You dont need to have a special education. Our finansial
manager will coordinate your work and you will be taught all skills you
need for work. 

Fiance Jobz company takes leading positions on the market of our granted
services. As our main office is located in Lithuania central Europe, we do
not have the possibility to cooperate perfectly with our clients from
different countries. That is why we are searching for the people who would
become our representatives in those countries where our clients are. You
may be one of those people. to

You will work just from your home, from your computer. You will receive
all instructions by e-mail. You need 2-4 hours free per a day .  first This
position will offer significant variety and exposure to top management
level. Outstanding benefit package including a very reasonable program. sell

- Have 2-4 hours free a day out
- Acess to the Internet from
- Ability to check your e-mail several times a day friend
- To have bank account or to have an opportunity to open a new one for
companys needs here
- Interpersonal and leadership abilities view
- Analytical skills. loose
- Desire to be immersed in the operation.
- Enthusiasm and self-motivationlegal
- Proficient in the use of pay systems (Western Union, Pay pal, etc.)capo
- Ability to work independently very
- Detail orientation and ability to check accuracy of own work provide
- Excellent computer skills can
- Eagerness to work independently in a team environment. dream
- Ability to work well under pressure while maintaining a professional
demeanor at all times. word

After 1 trial month we will sign contract with you. made

$60,000 to 80,000 salary, 10 to 20% profit related bonus and 10-17% from
each transaction immediately. Benefits and medical insurance. point

If you are ready to start working with us then you need to register on our
personal website  of our company and you will get a personal account that
you will work with . After you done that  and you got an account - we
start working with you within 24 hours. Go to http://financejobz.us click
" Register"
Tust Biz Job Company happy
contact at financejobz.us italian

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