[IOML] What are you doing?

Felix Thurman YTYYYZUTMRGVMU at msn.com
Wed Nov 30 10:34:50 GMT 2005

Hey whats up,

A Gen_uine Coll`ege  Deg.ree in 2 weeks Cal_l us now_!-> 1+206-984-0555

Within 2 weeks!     No Study Required!   1_0_0_% Veri.fiable!

Right now the following deg.rees are being offered:

B/A,   .B/S/C,    .M/A,    .M/S/C,    .M/B/A,   .P/H/D,

C.al_l us now_ for more information,  1+206-984-0555

Get back to you later,
Freda Norton

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